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    • EIB Annual Economics Conference - The flagship economics conference of the EIB serves to catalyse high-level dialogue on investment and investment finance in Europe.
    • National investment conferences - We organise conferences across Europe to discuss national investment trends, gaps and policy issues, with debates framed through the lens of the latest EIBIS results.
    • EIB Chief Economists Advisory Group - A network of chief economists from leading international banks and institutions, who meet twice a year to hold a high-level and closed-door dialogue on key economic developments and forthcoming challenges.
    • Vienna Initiative - The EIB works with other stakeholders as part of this initiative to help safeguard the stability of the financial sector in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
    • European Network for Research on Investment - This is a platform for sharing and discussing research on investment in Europe, with regular conferences hosted by the EIB.

    Annual Economics Conference 2022

    The 2022 edition of EIB’s annual high-level conference was organised in cooperation with Columbia University, the OECD and SUERF (The European Monetary and Finance Forum).

    As our economies emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the policy focus has shifted to questions of long-term transformation: how can we accelerate digitalisation and the climate transition?

    This year’s conference was about how we can speed up the digital and climate transition, whilst recognising and mitigating these asymmetries. It brought together the perspectives of policymakers, academia, business and finance, as well as Chief Economists from different private and public sector institutions.

    Economic research events

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