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    2023 highlights

    Nearly €88 billion of new financing for high-impact projects

    The European Investment Bank Group signed €87.85 billion of new financing for high-impact projects in areas including climate action, sustainable infrastructure, and healthcare in 2023.

    €20 billion

    to support small businesses and mid-caps

    €19.8 billion

    for innovation, digital and human capital

    €21.3 billion

    for sustainable cities and regions

    €26.8 billion

    for sustainable energy and natural resources

    Climate action and environmental sustainability

    €49 billion

    In 2023 the EIB Group directly financed €49 billion for climate action and environmental sustainability, up from €38 billion in 2022. With €349 billion of green investment supported since 2021, the EIB Group is on track to achieve the goal of €1 trillion of green financing supported by the end of the decade.


    €21 billion

    In 2023 the Bank’s investments included more than €21 billion as part of REPowerEU, an initiative designed to reduce Europe's dependence on fossil fuels and accelerate the green transition.

    Cohesion: bringing value to every EU country

    €36 billion

    More than 45% of the EIB Group’s financing inside the EU went to support cohesion regions, with close to 20% going to less developed regions in the EU, where the per capita gross domestic product is less than 75% of the EU average.

    More impact on the ground

    Our 2023 operations will result into tangible benefits for people all over the world, from safer drinking water to better health and education services

    Enough electricity to power 13.8 million households

    That's more than half of all households in Italy

    254 million additional passenger trips on public transport

    The number of trips taken annually in the Amsterdam metro

    130.6 million people with better health services

    That's more than the combined population of Germany and Poland

    4.9 million people with safer drinking water

    More than the population of Croatia

    11.6 million people with enabled 5G services

    The combined population of London and Paris

    1.2 million students in better schools and universities

    That's almost the number of all university students in Spain

    5.4 million jobs

    sustained in the 400 000 small businesses and mid-caps supported by the EIB Group

    1.9 million people

    with improved sanitation

    1.5 million people

    facing reduced flooding risk

    EIB Group financing

    The EIB Group includes the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund. The EIB is one of the world’s largest multilateral borrowers and lenders and EIF supports small businesses by improving their access to finance in Europe and a number of non-EU countries.

    €75.14 billion

    of EIB financing

    €14.91 billion

    of EIF financing

    EIB Group Activity Report 2023


    Our activity report includes data on the dimensions of our massive overall investment and the importance of our loans to each of our beneficiaries in 2023. It notes the EU policies and expertise that lead us to make each of our investments.

    Read the report 

    Boosting competitiveness across the EU and around the world

    The Group’s total financing in 2023 is expected to mobilise around €320 billion in investment to support 400 000 companies and 5.4 million jobs.

    €20 billion

    to support small businesses and mid-caps

    400 000

    number of small businesses and mid-caps supported

    5.4 million jobs

    supported through the EIB Group’s financing

    EIB Global: Financing across the globe

    In a turbulent year, EIB Global invested over €8.4 billion globally, with nearly half going to the world’s most vulnerable countries. It mobilised €27 billion for the EU Global Gateway initiative, on track to reach €100 billion by 2027.

    With more than €300 million provided in 2023, the EIB’s total support to Ukraine reached €2 billion since the start of the war. In addition, the EU4U Fund, accompanied by an additional €100 million in technical assistance, was set up in 2023 to further aid Ukraine’s economic recovery.

    €8.4 billion

    for investments outside of the EU

    €27 billion

    investments supported under the EU Global Gateway initiative

    €2 billion

    over €2 billion aid to Ukraine since the start of the war

    2023 annual results

    Press kit

    Annual results announcement for 2023

    EIB President Nadia Calviño’s overview of the EIB Group's 2023 activities

    Key figures

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