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    Ukraine is a country in the east of Europe.
    Over 43 million people live in Ukraine.


    We help companies in Ukraine
    and the Ukrainian government.


    We started working in Ukraine
    more than 15 years ago.


    We lend money to Ukraine
    to build schools and hospitals.


    We help build roads and electricity networks,
    railways and trams.


    We loaned more than 7 billion euros to Ukraine.


    Our investment creates jobs
    and made life better for Ukrainians.


    Russia’s attack on Ukraine

    Ukraine is located next to Russia.


    In 2014,
    Russia took control of Crimea
    and invaded parts of eastern Ukraine.


    Crimea is
    in the south of Ukraine.


    In 2022,
    Russia tried to invade the rest of Ukraine.


    Russia blames Ukraine for the war,
    but the European Union believes
    Russia caused the war.


    The conflict has horrible results.
    Thousands of people have died.


    Millions of Ukrainians
    had to flee from their homes.


    Russian bombs destroyed
    lots of the hospitals and schools
    we helped to build.


    The European Union
    condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


    The European Union wants
    to make Russia stop the war.


    The European Union stopped
    doing business with Russia.


    This is called economic sanctions.

    How the EIB helps Ukraine

    Russia’s attack is not over.
    It affects the people living in Ukraine.


    It affects Ukrainian refugees,
    who are living in the European Union
    until it is safe to go home.


    We want to help them.


    We support the countries
    where the refugees live
    and we support the refugees.


    The attacks destroyed
    buildings and streets.

    We are helping Ukraine
    build these places again,

    We help people in Ukraine
    to live a normal life.

    This is called recovery and reconstruction.


    We are investing 2 billion euros
    for emergency needs in Ukraine now.
    We want to help Ukrainians
    during the war.


    We want to help them
    after the war,
    when they will have to build all the things
    that were damaged in the war.

    We will help them build
    a metro in Kyiv,
    the biggest city.


    We will help them build
    houses, hospitals, roads and railways.

    We will help them build
    pipes for clean drinking water
    and to take away sewage.


    We will do all this
    and lots of other things.

    This is so that Ukraine will be a safe place
    with a good economy
    and a free democracy.