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    North Macedonia and the EIB

    Since 1977, our operations in North Macedonia have supported the country’s water treatment infrastructure, energy supply and development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

    In North Macedonia, we have supported the country’s sustainable growth, through investments in vital infrastructure and close cooperation with local partners. Our support has aided the green transition of the local economy, led to regional economic and climate resilience and improved living conditions in the country. 

    In North Macedonia, we have focused on:

    Climate action

    Through framework loans and technical assistance, we are supporting the construction and renovation of water supply, wastewater and flood protection infrastructure across North Macedonia. Such investments have substantial potential to fight climate change and positively impact locals by:

    • Improving access to drinking water and sanitation services for people across the country.
    • Bolstering climate change adaptation by using fewer natural resources and energy consumption.
    • Cutting greenhouse gas emission through better treatment of wastewater and the digestion of sludge.
    • Protecting public health by combatting diarrheal diseases and tackling pollution by ending the discharge of untreated sewage into water bodies.
    Private Sector Development

    Together with the EU Delegation and through fruitful cooperation with the Development Bank of North Macedonia and commercial banks, we are helping local companies grow and transform their business towards a climate-neutral, inclusive and sustainable model. Through our support we aim to:

    • Create new investment and employment opportunities, while accelerating the green transition and decarbonisation of local businesses.
    • Build a conducive environment for green finance through our advisory work, particularly regarding climate-risk management in the financial sector.
    • Help the country’s banking sector to build green finance capacity and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to identify and develop green projects.
    • Enable small businesses to expand their businesses even in times of crisis, contributing to climate resilience in North Macedonia.
    • Contribute to private sector growth and competitiveness of local companies.
    • Address the liquidity and investment needs of local businesses and finance energy and green transition projects.
    • Provide training and advisory support for promoting and developing bankable projects in areas such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.
    Sustainable Transport

    We have contributed towards the modernising of North Macedonia’s main transport network leading to improved traffic circulation around Skopje. By building two motorway stretches in the Northwest and Southeast part of the country, we have facilitated international traffic and fostered exports.

    Under the Global Gateway initiative, we aim to finance the construction of the Eastern Section of the Corridor VIII railway, linking the city of Kriva Palanka to the Bulgarian border.

    To further boost the country’s connectivity, we are supporting the construction of a more secure and diversified energy network and contributing to the energy transition and digitalisation in North Macedonia. 

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    The EIB provides finance and expertise for sound and sustainable investment projects in North Macedonia.

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