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    How do we help?

    We promote local private sector development, in particular by providing support for small businesses. Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of the economies of the EaP countries. However, access to external funding still remains a challenge for companies throughout the region. The EIB works with many financial partner institutions, both privately and publicly owned, in order to improve access to finance for MSMEs.  

    We contribute to better access to financing through diverse instruments ranging from the provision of funding at favourable rates to risk-sharing instruments that enable our partner banks to reach out to underserved segments of the economy. Close coordination with EU institutions and the use of EU grant instruments are fundamental in these efforts.

    The EIB plays a significant role in the development of the transport network in the Eastern Partnership Countries, upgrading roads, rail, ports, airport facilities and logistics to improve connections among the partner countries and between the EU and EaP.

    Designing better connections with higher safety standards promotes accessibility and mobility and has a positive impact on the development of trade and the local economy. This is the case of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) that the EIB is helping to extend. Furthermore, the EIB is collaborating with partner countries on green transport solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Sustainable management of water is necessary to ensure that people have access to this natural resource. The EIB engages with the EaP countries to expand access to wastewater treatments and to promote equitable access to drinking water and sanitation systems

    The EU and the EaP countries are committed to creating new infrastructure to change production and consumption patterns. The shift to cleaner and more efficient energy systems is essential to reduce energy dependency on fossil fuels and to tackle climate change. The EIB encourages the modernisation of the energy sector and concerted action among the partner countries.