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    Almost all aspects of everyday life and business are becoming increasingly digital. That is why broadband networks, software development, cyber security and innovative digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are priority areas for the EIB. The smart use of green digital technologies can also serve as a key enabler for climate action and environmental sustainability. They can help to better allocate resources, reduce emissions and pollution, and prevent biodiversity loss and environmental degradation.

    In 2023, the EIB supported small business, start-ups and larger companies as well as the public sector to drive digitalisation and innovation in the EU and beyond. Our financing helped to boost new digital business models, enabling 11.6 million subscriptions for 5G services.

    Projects eligible for financing

    We finance digital economy projects involving various aspects of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, equipment, services, applications, research and development. Examples include:

    • Mobile, TV broadcasting and transmission networks that enable national or international connectivity through high-capacity fibre-optic cables, satellites or submarine cables outside the EU
    • Data centre facilities and hosted services such as cloud computing
    • Manufacturing of handsets, network equipment, software, audio-visual equipment, displays (e.g., LCD) and chips (nano- and microelectronics)
    • ICT applications for the automotive, electricity and healthcare industries
    • Public services, such as e-government, e-health and e-business

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    We offer a wide range of financial products, as well as technical assistance through the European Investment Advisory Hub and the European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC).

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    Deep tech innovation in smart connected technologies

    Deep tech innovation in smart connected technologies: A comparative analysis of SMEs in Europe and the United States aims to guide policymakers, industry and the broader public by providing a comprehensive analysis of small and medium-sized firms that have been developing fourth industrial revolution technology over the past decade. It focuses on technologically advanced businesses that have actively patented these technologies, as opposed to small businesses that are simply making use of these advances.

    Using data collected from a survey of 625 small and medium firms, the study provides decision-makers in the public and private sectors, as well as investors, with insights into the specific challenges facing technologically innovative firms in Europe.


    What's the Matter - Digitalisation

    Did you know that one out of four European companies did not invest in digital transformation last year? When talking about digitalisation, what is the position of Europe in the world? Who is leading? What are the challenges? Is there any link between investing in innovative digital technologies and fighting climate change?

    Watch the first episode of our new video series to find the answers. Together with EIB experts, we examine the state of digitalisation. From Luxembourg, the heart of Europe, to the whole world: this is What’s the Matter.

    Case studies

    Real stories speak louder than general policies. Discover the impact of our projects.