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    COP28 is all about real world solutions. The European Investment Bank (EIB) takes part of the discussion by offering concrete solutions.

    We already support renewable energy solutions and innovation worldwide, and we help our clients adapt to climate change. Through EIB Global, we work hand in hand with the European Commission and partners to increase climate finance in developing countries. We work across the European Union and around the world, and we are able to share and replicate technologies and innovative solutions that we know they work.

    In this series, our experts share their insights on hot topics from the ground.

      Don’t forget to check our participation at COP28.

    Werner Hoyer

    EIB, a game-changer in the fight against climate change

    Raising the ambition. That's what success at COP28 means for Werner Hoyer. In this conversation at the climate conference in Dubai, the president of the European Investment Bank stresses the need for governments and institutions to raise their level of ambition, including through the phase out of fossil fuels, as the only way to meet the challenges of climate change. He believes that becoming the climate bank of the EU, and setting up EIB Global, has positioned the EIB as a real game changer in the face of the climate emergency.


    Gelsomina Vigliotti

    Water security and climate adaptation in the spotlight

    Climate change is challenging water security around the world. At the same time, increasing demand for water from industry and agriculture, and the needs of growing populations, means water is becoming a scarce resource. At COP28 we speak with Gelsomina Vigliotti about how the EU bank is supporting projects that strengthen water security and help communities adapt to climate change around the world.


    Ambroise Fayolle

    We are moving fast, but so is climate change

    The world's multilateral development banks, like the European Investment Bank (EIB), are on target and providing record levels of finance for climate action. But EIB Vice-President Ambroise Fayolle says we need to do more, especially in adaptation. He tells us that COP28 is moving in the right direction, but we need to go faster if we are going to get ahead of climate change.


    Thomas Östros

    Climate change is bad for our health

    For the first time, health has risen high up the agenda of a global climate conference. At COP 28 in Dubai, the impact of climate change on health is centre stage -heat related deaths, migrating diseases, respiratory illnesses, and food and water safety are already a reality. We speak with Thomas Östros, vice-president of the European Investment Bank in charge of health, about what the Bank can do.


    Nancy Saich

    Let's be ambitious – we only have one planet

    A key goal set in Paris eight years ago was to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. But the latest science shows that the world is set to heat up by 2.8 degrees. Nancy Saich, chief climate change expert at the European Investment Bank, says this is an unliveable scenario. Her message is clear: even if the climate conference in Dubai doesn't reach an agreement to phase out fossil fuels and raise ambition, the EU's climate bank won't give up because we only have this one planet to live on.


    Markus Berndt

    Fighting climate change is a global mission

    At the climate conference in Dubai we speak with Markus Berndt who heads EIB Global, the development arm of the European Investment Bank. He tells us how, in meaningful partnership with other multilateral development banks, EIB Global is financing innovation to make climate action more impactful.


    Jean-Christophe Laloux

    Green steel and innovation to end our fossil fuel habit

    We speak to Jean-Christophe Laloux, Director General and Head of Lending and Advisory Operations at the European Investment Bank. He explains EIB's concrete support for new technologies that reduce fossil fuel dependency and fight climate change. And how traditional green projects, like wind power, but also new and cutting-edge ones, like green steel, are the path forward to a green and sustainable world.