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    Overseeing the entire range of media at our disposal, you will define and implement strategies for our corporate communications. You will make certain that we achieve the highest standards in our events, press coverage, publications and social media presence. We will look to you to refine our processes and   procedures to take us to the next level, so you will have huge impact on the way we present ourselves to the world.


    Whatever the audience, internal or external, you will ensure that we target and communicate the right messages in the right tone. To this end, you will develop a deep understanding of our diverse audiences and their needs, whilst being among the first to know about our latest developments and initiatives.

    Events management

    We want our events to be as high-profile, exciting and potentially life-changing as the infrastructure investments we deliver. You will use your creativity and your innate organisational skills to make this happen.

    Media relations

    The relationships we build will deliver the positive, prominent coverage we require from a broad spectrum of print and broadcast outlets. Closely engaging journalists and media professionals, you will ensure that they remain abreast of our vital work and fully appreciate the unrivalled dimensions of our investments and the transformative effects they have on lives.


    Commissioning policy papers, books, reports and other engaging content, you will ensure that we maintain a steady pipeline of publications that position us as the global experts in development finance. This will involve engaging external experts, preparing annual publication plans and evaluating proposals and manuscripts for quality and accuracy, so every day will bring different and stimulating challenges.

    Social media and web

    Our online presence is vital to winning hearts and minds and you will ensure that all our communications through these channels remain engaging, and that our social media presence remains relevant and proactive.

    Work for the world’s largest multilateral development bank

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