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    Proposing and implementing a strategy and overseeing all aspects of the outputs in your domain, you will give your team the skills they need to maintain our reputation as a financial institution of exceptional probity.


    As you identify, assess, monitor, advise and report on the compliance risk of the EIB, you will provide strategic advice to senior management. Through the documentation and development of processes, the drafting of new regulatory texts and guidelines, the benchmarking of our performance and the raising of awareness of the need to maintain ethical standards, you will play a key role in minimising our financial, operational, reputational and political risks.


    Leading or participating in investigations into alleged
misconduct, and conducting far-reaching interviews, gaining an
awareness of the broader picture whilst paying meticulous attention
to the details, you will progress investigations to a positive outcome, drawing clear and considered conclusions that enable our management to take the appropriate steps and ensure that the breach does not recur.

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC)

    Ensuring that every euro we allocate goes to the right people and for its designated purpose, you will play a key role that protects our reputation as the bank of the European Union, and minimises the risk of our politically-exposed position.

    Data protection

    Designing and implementing appropriate guidelines and practices for the governance of data, you will ensure that we comply with evolving rules and aim to keep us ahead of the regulatory curve.

    Work for the world’s largest multilateral development bank

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