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    Overseeing all aspects of our operational management, you will give your frontline colleagues all the support they need to fulfil their roles professionally. At the heart of everything we do, you will provide inspiring leadership, challenge habits and constantly strive to embed best practice in all our activities.


    Whilst our official languages are English and French, we operate in all the languages of the EU Member States, meaning, that we always require capable and competent translators to ensure that our message and mission is clearly communicated.

    Procurement and contract management

    Designing, negotiating, managing and administering a broad range of outsourced contracts, you will ensure that we achieve the best value in everything we do.

    Facilities management, buildings and logistics

    Overseeing all aspects of our physical real estate, you will ensure that internal and outsourced services are delivered to the highest standards in order to provide a comfortable and secure working environment.

    Administrative support

    Operating at the heart of the Bank, you will provide comprehensive administrative and secretarial support across all our areas of activity.

    Information and knowledge management

    Ensuring a high level of data integrity across the Bank, simplifying key processes and reducing duplication and inefficiencies, you will promote knowledge management and transfer through the use of new common procedures, collaborative working tools and e-archiving.

    Occupational health and medical services

    Developing effective policies to keep our team members fit and healthy, you will deliver a comprehensive occupational health or medical service. This could include anything from providing travel advice and immunisations to designing ergonomic workstations and delivering emergency medical interventions, so every day will bring different challenges.

    Physical security and safety

    Due to the politically sensitive nature of our work and the large funds we disburse, it is vital that we maintain the highest levels of physical security. Experienced in access control and safeguarding, you will make certain that our premises and our people are fully protected at all times.

    Work for the world’s largest multilateral development bank

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