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    Delivering IT solutions at a strategic level, you will forge close partnerships with senior management to realise our technology vision. At all times, you will ensure that your team members take the right decisions to improve user experiences, whilst keeping their own skills at the cutting edge.

    Business analysis

    Analysing our IT strategy and infrastructure as well as accurately documenting our processes and systems, you will carefully examine the interface between business needs and technology provision. We will look to you to find innovative solutions to ongoing issues – harnessing the power of emerging technology to take our operations to the next level.

    Data analytics, governance and warehousing

    Examining the way we store, use and protect data, you will ensure that we enjoy constant access to the information we need to make informed business decisions.

    Project and change management

    With a remit spanning processes, people, systems and structures, you will implement far-reaching programmes of activity that transform the way we operate. In particular, you will proactively solve ongoing business challenges, implementing IT solutions that keep us at the cutting edge of best practice.

    IT security

    The sensitive nature of our work means that IT security is uppermost in our minds. You will ensure that our hardware, software and confidential data remain resilient to attack, with considerable autonomy to find innovative solutions.

    Systems applications and architecture

    Focusing on the interaction between our applications and their interface with users, you will aim to maximise performance and accessibility through targeted investment in new solutions. At all times, you will make certain that our systems are scalable, reliable, available and manageable, with a remit to deliver profound change.

    Technical support

    Providing comprehensive assistance to diverse users, you will focus on everything from training and induction to fault-finding and resolution. This will demand deep understanding of users’ experiences and perspectives, plus a meticulous approach to resolving issues.

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